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Salesforce CRM migration-
Royal Bank of Canada

Lead UX Researcher for internal CRM migration from Clientview to Salesforce in-collaboration with internal stakeholders. Mixed methods included qualitative interviews, surveys, and usability testing.

  • Conducted large scale surveys with 300 participants, alongside generative research with finance professionals to develop feature prioritization and baseline feasibility for Salesforce MVP development.

  • Gathering and sharing insights from 15 iterative usability tests with a total of 150 participants for feature level improvements and product readiness, to meet OKRs.

Women's mobility
Coventry Uni, Uni of Malaya, and DesignPak. Funded by AHRC,UK

WEMOBILE is an exploration of the struggles women undertake in their daily commutes and transportation. Partners in Pakistan, Malaysia and the UK have come together to pool these stories and experiences to understand their problems and how they are currently being addressed. We wrote a book Chapter in Contentious cities.

Developmental Impact model


Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research, UofT, Canada

Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (CCQHR), UofT required an integrated impact assessment model designed to help monitor and assess their impact. The project followed 5 phases: brief, research design, research, model design and final report.

Impact assessment

-Masters Research Thesis


This paper addresses the field of impact assessment and evaluation for social enterprises. It analyzes the perceptions and needs of four stakeholder groups, which play a pivotal role in both the fields of impact assessment and social entrepreneurship: social enterprises (SEs), impact investors, impact analysts & intermediaries, and designers of impact assessment methods. The research findings build a comprehensive understanding of three main themes: system of impact assessment, its purposes, and challenges faced... 

Urban workers project 


I worked with C Street, Toronto to research, design and strategize a digital campaign for 'The Urban Workers Project' by Andrew Cash. It included sharing the stories of some archetypes working on part- time, contractual or freelance basis in all kinds of industries, for example, creative, fitness and others. 

School of social Entrepreneurs ontario

 -future business strategy 

Licensed from the UK, The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Ontario offers educational programs for social entrepreneurs. It exists as a project under Tides Canada, a charity. While its programs have seen much success, SSE admits that the charitable structure is limiting their capacity to create programs that have greater societal impact and their financial sustainability is always in question. SSE wants to explore if a separate company (NewCo) may be the solution to support the financial health of the School while having the freedom to create programs outside the scrutiny of the Canada Revenue Agency. This report documents Inimitable Five’s process, research, and recommendations around the establishment of NewCo that will support SSE.

System & Design thinking

Civic engagement

in communities

The synthesis map takes its stakeholder through an understanding and awareness of the underlying problems of civic engagement within communities in order to increase it levels and quality. We start with describing our context and background information about community as a social system and outline three meta-problems. We end by giving recommendations to stakeholders to help encourage and enhance civic engagement in communities. Further inquiry can be built on the meta-problems, implications, and recommendations.

Waste management

-Business Idea

Dhara is the Hindi word for continuous flow, and that is what our social enterprise is all about. It really is very simple. Dhara fills the need for an effective waste management body to by employing local people to educate customers on how to effectively sort waste into organic and recycling and then manage a regular and efficient collection service for customers. Once sorted waste is collected, our workers distribute the collected materials to industries which can recoup the value, and provide Dhara with revenue and growth profit. 

Orangi Town

-stakeholder analysis

Orangi Town is one of the largest slum in Asia, located in Karachi, Pakistan. It is the 2nd most populous town in the city. This research is based on the stakeholder analysis of Orangi Town, Pakistan to study feasibility of possible future interventions and change

Improving Patient Experience

A strategy to redesign the patient experience in a ward at Mayo Hospital, Lahore, Pak. This included systemic change in dealing with the patients, patient- waiting system, signage and navigation, and the visual appearance and ambiance of various areas in the ward. 4 Month project.

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