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Facilitating a Creative Cafe (World Cafe)

I work as a design researcher and project lead (Pakistan) for WEMOBILE project, which focused on women's mobility. WEMOBILE is an exploration of the struggles women undertake in their daily commutes and transportation. Partners in Pakistan, Malaysia and the UK have come together to pool these stories and experiences to understand their problems and how they are currently being addressed. Find out more about the project

"A Creative Café also known as a World Café, was a collaborative workshop bringing together individuals who had experienced the issue and were well informed about it. The tool was about approaching solutions for problems together and leveraging the democratic power of people who possess the combined wisdom and creativity to confront even the most difficult challenges. A total of 20 people participated who were working women, housewives, government representatives, and women rights activists. The discussion was conducted in groups based on four key areas: challenges/issues, their journeys, change over time in mobility, and possible solutions." (Faiz et al, 2018)

I was the lead facilitator and below are some highlights.

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